Hello fox fans! This is the site for all things fox!

 Foxes are the one thing one this earth that holds it together. There smart, pretty,and over all amazing.  Foxes also come in different kinds, to learn more go to the separate kinds of foxes. 

  • Red foxes are the most conman. They live in North America, Eurasia, and Africa. It is sometimes thought to be the silver fox, but it is its normal color.

  • The gray fox lives in North America, Venezuela, and Colombia.They are closely related to the Island fox. 

  • The Arctic Fox is also known as the White Fox Snow Fox, Polar Fox. The Arctic Fox lives in some of the most cold places on the earth.

  • The Bat-eared Fox is named for its big ears. The teeth of the Bat-eared Fox are smaller than teeth of other kinds of dogs.

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